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Suzan Mutesi (born Suzan Faith Mutesi Mufumbiro; June 21, 1986) is an African Australian Actress, Model, Fashion designer and stylist. In 2015 she been working on a new future film called irreversible choices. She’s also known for winning the Fashion icon award at the AAMMA award 2014. In the same year she also won the Abryanz award 2014 for the Best fashion contributor in the Diaspora in Uganda Africa. In 2012 she won Fashion Designer by Celebrate Africa Australians. She recently showcased at Fashion Aid Forward 2015 hosted by Chanel Ten Henry Roth with most of Melbourne’s best designers and TV show project runway winners in a theatrical circus Nocturne runway.

She is known in her role in the Movie Gossip Nation 2012, Featured roles in movies like The Wolverine and The Australian working alongside Nicole, Kidman and Hugh Jack man. Featured on the movie Truth working alongside Kate Blanchet and Dennis Quaid. Suzan also was a regular featured extra on channel 7 Australian series Headland (2005–2006) working alongside Rachael Taylor a Hollywood star who is known for her act in the movie Transformers. Suzan co-hosted with well-known African American Actor Pascal Atuma, Desmond Elliot and John Dumelo at the 2013 AAMMA AWARDS. She got the honours to represent an award to an international music artist Awilo Longomba. Suzan has featured in TV adverts on Australian television like Fox 8 summer AD in 2011; she also featured on an international Nicabate Ad 2013 up to 2014. She has also featured in music videos like Star Fire- by Scrim and Mr dread locks by and Latifa ft. LL Bock. Early 2014 she launched the Heart of Gold Africa organisation which is involved in helping the less fortunate. The foundation is affiliated with “suzan Mutesi Fashion House” a designer label of African inspiration one can help by purchasing a dress as 10% of the money spent is given to the foundation. Heart of Gold Africa was formed to assist the rural people of Africa in attaining information to fight the digital age and advocate for their fundamental rights and improve their health and socio-economic status. The organisation provides education and awareness using an integrated approach of communication.

Originally from Uganda, is one of the top African Australian Fashion icons. After making the move to Australia to complete high school, Mutes i’s passion only grew stronger. Teaching herself only the basics of design, such as alterations and mending torn clothes on a sewing machine, Mutesi knew that to be recognised as a designer she would need to further develop her skills from garment construction to sewing and pattern making. Mutesi was soon accepted into one of Australia’s top-ranked design institutions, Raffles KvB Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion. With dreams to own a recognised, international label, Suzan Mutesi was born in 2009. Suzan Mutesi has always had an eye for fashion with her passion geared towards simple, elegant pieces. The Suzan Mutesi brand symbolize structure and class and most importantly give women of all body types the ability to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. With dreams to dress Oprah winfrey, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Kerry Washington, LupitaNyong’o, TikaSumpter, porcha Stewart the list is endless. Suzan Mutesi is committed to creating unique individual designs for her clients. She takes pride in creating individual designs for her clients and ensuring that her clients are content with final product. With immense knowledge and exposure to various cultures most especially the African and western cultures, Suzan Mutesi creations make exotic, elegant and exclusive looks. It’s no wonder that her creations make you look classy and confident thus making you stand out of the crowd. Today the African Australian Icon is winning an award as the African Fashion Designer of the year, for 2012. A talented Bachelor of Design Graduate from Raffles KvB Institute of Technology with a major in Fashion, Mutesi created her own fashion label Suzan Mutesi in 2009. She became an influential role model in the African Australian community, participating in charity events to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Rwanda. Mutesi has been deemed a world class designer by MX newspaper. She has dressed and styled top model Charlotte Dawson for a commercial, Dress Models for the launch of Australian Top Model cycle 8,2014Dressed Lisa Viola for the Independent Artist Music Awards, Miss Diana Rouvas for Arias 2012 and Dressing up Tammin Pamela Sursok who is known for her roles on Home and Away, on The Young and the Restless and Pretty Liars ; Her work has been published in Vogue Australia, Change magazine , AIM magazine. Culture Magazine, the French Tropic Magazine with a four-page spread in Unfold Magazine. She recently appeared on the cover of Vatra magazine. At the 2011 AAMA awards, Mutesi showcased her beautiful collection. She has also designed dresses that were worn by Miss World contestant Sheron Sultan 2011, Miss World Fiji contestant JunethNdele 2013 and Miss Philippines. XFactor participant Bella, guest-star Sophia of the group Three Wishes and Miss Globe 2012 winner Karen Gee. 2013 has been a blessing as Mutesi was nominated for an award as ‘The African designer of the year,’ with determination and hard work she recently launched her new ready to wear collection which show as another side and direction the design is taking. She participated in the BMW Melbourne Carnival which allowed her to embrace her love for fashion and horse racing. Mutesi is definitely force to be reckoned.

The Future

Mutesi is thrilled with the result of her passion and hard work. She can’t wait to share her collections with the public, and hope to see everyone wearing a piece from her Collection. We encourage each of our customers to leave us feedback so that we can make the necessary changes where need be reckoned.

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