Suzan Mutesi

Congratulations! Pet Wedding charles (dog) and Bentley (cat)?

First time at a VIP celebrity pet wedding hosted by ‘The Real Housewives Of Melbourne’s Gamble Breau’ Mmhm be the judge!. The bride and groom arrived in a #Bentley and were escorted by their owners to the altar. The vows were cute and adorable, they promised to be each other’s snuggle buddy until death does them apart. The Fashion at this wedding was on point from the pets them selves to the guests. #Siri Sean Roberts and Gabriella Bjersland ‘s cat rocked up in a hand beaded couture dress, Gabriella designed her self. Oh she looked so adorable and melted every one ‘s heart. It was quite amazing to see dogs and cats of all different kind of breeds get along in one room. The pets had their own special food served from entree to mains. You had to ask the waitress if it was pet or human food :). My favorite was the Art work at the Billich Art Gallery,Charles ‘s eye for detail and creativity was breathtaking, every art piece in the room was award-winning, awe-inspiring, baroque, beautiful and boundless. This experience speaks a lot about love in general, It was one not to forget, left me with lots of questions, laughter and mix thoughts.:All in all overwhelming,thanks again for the experience Amana <3 <3 and congrats again to Bentley!!
We featured in the Daily Mail Uk paper:


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