Suzan Mutesi

Princess Anendha of Zamikisa: The African Princess (Anendha)




Zamikisa is a beautiful land, flowing with bountiful resources and never wanting for anything. Ruled by King Makonde and his Queen, Naharai, it was a peaceful and happy place, with a people who loved their King and Queen. Just one thing spoiled the perfect land.Deep in the forest, a wizened and spiteful witch dwelled, knowing that what the royal couple wanted most of all was a child of their own.

She plotted and waited, intent on stealing the first child the Royal couple have and then usurping the queen to become ruler herself.Cursing the King and Queen, she makes her move, only for the child, Princess Anendha, to be left in the forest, alone and lost. But fortune smiles on her and she is found there by a kindly huntsman who then raises her as his own.

As Anendha grows and becomes as spirited as the forest she lives in, she is unaware of her true destiny.But will she ever find her way back to her home and her rightful place in Zamikisa, or is she destined to remain forever lost and known only as the Queen of the forest?