Suzan Mutesi

The Immigrant That Found Her Unapologetic Voice


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What is it truly like to leave your home and enter a whole new world? What does it take to succeed where thousands fail and leave your mark in not just one field, but several? How does one cope with all the adversity that weighs us down every day? And how can you remain true to yourself even through all this?

In this riveting new book, award winning Ugandan-Australian fashion designer, model, actress and all-round creative powerhouse Suzan Mutesi discusses it all. From her humble beginnings in her home country of Uganda, all through to her breakthrough in the Australian fashion and entertainment industries and beyond. In between the two ends, she tells the tale of how she found her own unapologetic self and discusses racism, friendships, trauma, relationships, church culture and much more; all the while providing advice and comfort for other people of color who can identify with her experiences, as many will.

In this, her second book, the African Fashion Icon that conquered Australian Fashion bares it all to give you a close-up view of her authentic, unabridged and unapologetic self.