Suzan Mutesi

Unapologetically Black 1




It was never going to be easy growing up black in a predominantly white western culture, but with the help of her two oz besties and her afro sisters from another mother. Tabitha wouldn’t have to do it alone. Tabitha’s family were born in East Africa but had moved to Australia, where Tabitha was born. She was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Africa frequently and considered both Africa and Australia home. Unapologetically Black follows the life of Tabitha and her family and friends as they explore what it’s like to be black in Western culture and the challenges that go along with it. It’s a unique and inspiring glimpse into the life of a young black girl and what that entails. You’ll get to experience everything from the challenges of hair and makeup, through to dealing with boys, love, and life. If you have been searching for an inspirational series for young women, then Unapologetically Black by author Suzan Mutesi is the perfect book for you! You might just fall in love with it!